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There’s always a lot going on at Action Press but we sometimes manage to find time to shout about the exciting projects we’ve worked on recently for our clients or to simply note down a few print related thoughts...


Take note

13th July 2016   Angus Smith

Have a quick glance around your desk. It’s very likely that somewhere close at hand you have a note pad, desk pad, jotter pad or scribble pad – just about everyone has a favourite pad of some description! The chances are, your pad is branded in some way which means that every time you scribble …

The power of print

15th June 2016   Action Press

It’s obvious to everyone that we live in a fast moving world. Technology is advancing by the minute, transforming our lives and the way we do business. What we did last year, last month or even just yesterday, may not be good enough for sustained progress today. Change is the new normal. Inevitably, the print …

Never judge a book by its cover

25th May 2016   Action Press

As an established provider of shading and screening solutions, Yewdale are a relatively new client to us but we have already struck up a great relationship and very much enjoyed working together on their recent brochure project. From the outside, this could appear to be a good looking, but otherwise fairly ordinary, perfect bound brochure. …

Deliberately different

1st April 2016   Action Press

We love jobs (and clients) that are out of the ordinary! Borg & Overström tick both these boxes, their revolutionary water machines holding true to the promise of “Beautiful, simple workplace refreshment”. This theme is reflected in the design of their corporate stationery which is beautiful and refreshingly different in its simplicity. Sharp, black litho …

Start, Stop, Keep

27th November 2015   Angus Smith

Monday 23rd November had arrived. The day of our ‘Start, Stop, Keep’ All Team Strategy Meeting at the Porsche Centre, Mid Sussex. The reason for getting our entire team together at this unique event was twofold. Firstly we wanted to thank our amazing staff for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. Secondly, we wanted to analyse …

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