Are printed calendars obsolete?

26th August 2016   Angus Smith

Our busy lives revolve around dates, times and appointments so in this age of digital development it could be easy to assume that traditional printed calendars are a thing of the past.

Many of us use a digital calendar of some description on our computer, smartphone or tablet and rely on them (heavily, in my case) for remembering dates, checking upcoming appointments etc. However, research has shown that there’s still a place in many homes and workplaces for the trusty printed calendar.

A study from 2011 produced some interesting (and in some cases, quite surprising) statistics:

  • 78% of businesses surveyed still use printed calendars
  • 76% of calendars in businesses were found to be promotional ones
  • 33% of businesspeople surveyed reported never using a calendar on their computer
  • 79% of business respondents enjoyed receiving calendars as a complimentary gift

Of most interest to marketers will be the ROI statistics for promotional calendars:

  • 75% of recipients could remember the name of the company advertised
  • 77% could recall the product or service/message on the calendar
  • 78% planned to do further business with the company that gave them the calendar
  • 49% had referred the company who gave them the calendar to somebody else

So although physical calendars certainly go back a long way, there seems to be ample evidence to suggest that we’re nowhere near ready to abandon them just yet. In fact printed calendars appear to be one of the most popular and powerful promotional items available!

Quite apart from the practical applications of printed calendars they’re a cost effective way of enhancing a home or office environment. Many contain incredible images of nature and stunning landscapes, adding colour and beauty to walls or desks which could otherwise be plain, cold and boring.

It was this last characteristic that led us to develop Epic 2017 – a handy desk calendar full of attractive imagery, specially selected to help you ‘get away from it all’ and either enjoy a peaceful moment of tranquillity or get the heart racing with an adrenaline fuelled adventure. Enquire today to find out more about this attractive and useful promotional item that is sure to be well received by clients and prospects alike.

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