Action Press Green Printing Policy – January 2018

This is our policy in detail which we are always striving to enhance and expand:


  • All paper, board and packaging used meets our stringent environmental specifications and as a minimum these materials are ECF or TCF – Elementally or Totally Chlorine Free – which is the kindest way to bleach the pulp.
  • We actively encourage and promote the use of PEFC or FSC Certified Paper, 100% Recycled Paper or paper containing an element of recycled fibre.
  • Our own literature is all printed on Certified Papers or 100% Recycled Paper.

Reduce or avoid the use of Chemicals

  • We use an inert water based protective coating sealant on many of our products which is an eco-friendly alternative to polymer based coatings, “litho seal” and plastic laminates.
  • Our pre-press and plate production is CTP (computer to plate) which avoids harmful chemical use.
  • Our inks are vegetable oil based – specifically linseed oil – as opposed to mineral oil.
  • The removal of IPA alcohol on all but 1 of our machines and use of vegetable ink has virtually eliminated our emissions of VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds – into the atmosphere. These VOC’s are a major source of ozone pollution and are a potential a health hazard to our staff.
  • We promote full colour printing which uses significantly less chemicals, solvents and paper in job setup and press cleaning than traditional one or two colour printing.
  • We offer quality Digital Print solutions specifically for short-runs.

Reduce and Recycle Waste

  • We have reduced our unavoidable production waste of paper and chemicals by up to 85% and will continue to seek ways to further reduce such waste.
  • We segregate, re-use and recycle all of the paper waste produced in the course of printing.
  • Waste paper and used aluminium printing plates are collected for recycling.

Legislation Compliance

  • We are fully compliant with the Hazardous Waste Act 2005 and waste is segregated and collected for recycling by licensed contractors.

Removing Cost Barriers

  • We continue to remove the cost barriers that previously discouraged customers from adopting the use of environmentally friendly green printing.
  • Our buying power enables us to purchase eco-friendly paper and materials at a lower cost than many printers pay for conventional alternatives.
  • Investment in the latest equipment enables to remain highly competitive.
  • Online ordering reduces the cost of sale – savings which are passed onto our customers.

Removing Quality Barriers

  • We have eliminated the quality barriers that previously discouraged customers from adopting the use of recycled paper and eco friendly materials.
  • The vegetable oil based inks used on our printing presses deliver an increase in print quality over conventional mineral oil based inks.
  • Investment in the latest and most efficient equipment delivers a higher quality of printed product than the industry average.


  • We assist our customers in making the best choice if they require an alternative to our standard products but still want their print to be as green as possible.


  • Environmental issues remain at the forefront of our decision making – we are committed to the environment and do our very best at all times to deliver truly eco-friendly green printing services.


Jan 2018

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