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A4 Uncoated, Perfect Bound Brochures
A4 Uncoated, Perfect Bound Brochures
A4 Uncoated, Perfect Bound Brochures
A4 Product Brochures
A4 Product Brochures
Saddle Stitched Uncoated Brochure
Saddle Stitched Uncoated Brochure
A4 Uncoated, Perfect Bound BrochuresA4 Product BrochuresSaddle Stitched Uncoated Brochure

Commonly used for luxury magazines, brochures and thick booklets or promotional materials such as prospectuses, perfect bound printing binds documents with a strong adhesive along the spine for a professional and long-lasting result. We provide perfect bound printing services for a range of businesses and requirements to deliver a product with exceptional visual impact that will wow your customers.

Professional Printing Finishes

To create the ideal perfect bound booklet or magazine, the pages and cover are glued at the spine using a flexible thermal glue that’s not brittle and can tolerate temperature changes, with the remaining edges trimmed to give a clean finish. This results in a product that can be opened flat easily without the spine cracking or splitting.

Our perfect bound products are incredibly strong due to the adhesive we use, and with our high-quality, state-of-the-art printing, you can ensure that images and colours will be vibrant and crystal clear. Whether you want a special finish for your cover or heavier weight pages for a luxurious end result, we can product it for your business.

Perfect Bound Printing UK

We offer various paper and card stocks to choose from for your promotional materials, for a premium finish to your catalogues and product brochures, prospectuses, magazines or information booklets and manuals.

From silk, recycled and premium uncoated paper to gloss and laminated, you can create the perfect product for your needs with our different finishes and papers. Our paper stocks come in a host of weights so you can create a magazine, prospectus or document that elevates your brand and conveys luxury to your customers. Our perfect bound books, brochures and magazines can be produced portrait or landscape, and in a range of sizes to suit the purpose.

  • First you should know what you want the brochure for and what its purpose is. Is it to attract more customers? Perhaps you need something for an upcoming event? Or maybe you have a showroom and need quality brochure printing that reflects your brand.
  • Quantity is also important. The last thing you want is either too few so you can’t give enough brochures out or too many which means you have extra ones lying around the office gathering dust. Decide how big or small your print run is going to be. We can always give quantity options or print a few digitally.
  • Create a brochure that is specifically designed for your audience. So often, businesses tend to see things only from their point of view. Your content ideally needs to be customer focused if you really want it to have impact. Taking time over the layout and what you write is vital. Don’t just list a bunch of features if you have a product – tell your customer how it’s going to benefit them.
  • Be careful of images. If you’ve downloaded a photo or image for your printed brochures, make sure you have permission to use it and that it is of high enough resolution to print clearly. Our team at Action Press will be able to advise you on this.
  • Take your time. You may have a deadline to meet but hurrying a brochure design is the quickest way to get it wrong. Sketch out the structure first and then start adding your content and images. Always make sure that you get the brochure properly proofread and edited before you actually send it to print. It’s often a good idea to find someone outside of your company to proofread first. If you can, leave it as long as possible before you settle on a final draft.
  • There are plenty of brochure printing companies in the UK and choosing the right one is important. A local business that is easy to contact might be top of your list and you’ll certainly want one that is able to offer you good advice when you need it and ensure you make all the right choices when it comes to printed brochures.

People are often surprised by the number of different binding types for printed brochures. If you’re confused, don’t worry. Here’s our quick guide to all the options we offer at Action Press:

  • Stitched/Stapled: This collects your pages together and secures them using a thin wire which is basically a staple stitched through the spine of the book. It works well with brochures, magazines, and practically all other content that’s under about 50 pages.
  • Perfect Bound: This is the brochure binding process for softback books and involves gluing the pages to the cover spine and then wrapping that cover around the content. It works for content that is over 40 pages and is a great choice for catalogues and prospectuses as well as books.
  • Wirobound: If you’re looking for a low cost solution for your short run printed brochures, wire binding is one option to go for. Holes are punched into the pages and a wire spiral can can then be put in place to hold everything together. This is a great choice for a workbook that needs to be folded back on itself and laid flat such as training manuals or business reports. Spiral binding with a continuous wire is another option – for more details on binding methods head over to our blog post here.

There are plenty of different options when it comes to picking the size of your brochure or booklet. Magazines, for example, usually get printed in A4 but you don’t have to comply with this convention if you want to try something different. A4 brochure printing is very popular but once again, the choice is yours.

If you have a lot to convey, perhaps in a corporate brochure, you might want something that is A4 or even larger. If you want to get a short, vibrant message across you almost certainly want to think about something smaller. DL booklets are becoming increasingly popular in the business world. They’re a third of the size of A4 and can be quite an attractive brochure printing option for UK companies.

The good news is that Action Press can handle brochures of all shapes and sizes. So if you are after A4 brochure printing of something more unusual, get in touch and we can help.

We advise all our clients to use high quality images in their brochure designs. What generally looks great on a mobile phone or PC screen won’t necessarily come out well when it’s printed. The reason for this is that computers enhance lower quality images to make them look great. If you have an image with a small file size and try to print it out, it will generally look pixelated. The good news is there’s quite a lot of royalty free stock photo options out there that fit the bill and are the right size.

If you’re not sure you have the proper images for your printed brochures, don’t worry. Contact our friendly print team at Action Press and we’ll be able to give you all the advice you need.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, creating quality printed brochures should be somewhere near the top of your list. Ideally, you want to create something that customers are going to want to pick up and want to read. That means every aspect of the design, content and printing has to be just right.

We work with a wide range of business across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London. We’ve helped a hamper business showcase their sumptuous products and a water company create a professional report. Often businesses come to us with a vague idea of what they want to create. Our dedicated print team are able to walk them through our processes so that they understand what a great brochure design can achieve and what we can deliver.

Quality printing needs the right equipment, of course. At Action Press, we’ve got all the tools on board that your business needs for every form of brochure printing. We’re the perfect choice for all kinds of businesses.


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