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Large Perfect Bound Catalogue
Large Perfect Bound Catalogue
Large Perfect Bound Catalogue
A4 Perfect Bound Catalogue
A4 Perfect Bound Catalogue
Multi Page Tool Catalogue
Multi Page Tool Catalogue
Saddle Stitched Product Catalogue
Saddle Stitched Product Catalogue
PUR Bound Catalogue
PUR Bound Catalogue
Index Tab Cut Catalogue
Index Tab Cut Catalogue
Large Perfect Bound CatalogueA4 Perfect Bound CatalogueMulti Page Tool CatalogueSaddle Stitched Product CataloguePUR Bound CatalogueIndex Tab Cut Catalogue

Catalogue Printing Across the UK

A catalogue can be a critical part of a business’s marketing plan. Customers use them to order and find services, new customers pick them up to decide if they want to use a business so getting your catalogue printed is a big deal. Our catalogue printing service offers great value, high quality and all the advice and guidance needed to make sure your catalogue is perfect. We can print both hard and softback catalogues and we also have a yearbook printing service.

Getting Your Catalogue Designed and Printed Well Matters!

An essential tool in any marketing plan, our catalogue printing services provide an exceptional product that you can use to promote your business or services. From multi-page catalogues to index tab designs that make for easy browsing, to soft-cover, hard-cover or cloth-covered catalogues, we offer a great selection of options to choose from to ensure that the catalogue your visitors and customers use aligns with your brand. We work with businesses in a host of different industries to provide high-quality catalogues that showcase products in the perfect way. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more.

Over 40 Years of Experience in Print

You may need advice and support when handling large catalogue printing projects, not every printer is best suited for these projects but with all our 40 plus years of experience we can deliver what you need. We don’t always print in-house because your project may need a web press, or something special,  so even locations in Eastern Europe or Far East can offer huge savings, and we manage that process if it is suitable. It depends on size, quantity, turnaround, extent, complexity etc. Rely on us, send the specification, and we will deal with your entire catalogue printing process.

Some things to consider

  • PUR binding or sewn
  • Softback or hardback
  • Paper over board or dust wrapper
  • Case bound with ribbon page markers
  • Cloth covered with coloured tail and headbands
  • Supply in a box or sleeve to match
  • Emboss or de-boss on the cover with a gold or silver foil
  • We provide a personal service for all in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area and of course anywhere in the UK

From our showcase

There are a range of options when it comes to catalogue printing; from the paper to the binding type, the cover choice and more. Our team has over 40 years of experience in helping customers get the right catalogue for their needs and that gives the right impression of their business.

PUR Binding, Perfect Binding, Case Binding or Sewn – What Works for Your Catalogue?

The binding used for catalogue printing can vary and different types of catalogue work better with different types of binding. PUR (polyurethane reactive) and Perfect binding involve glueing the pages and cover together at the spine. PUR and Perfect use different adhesives, PUR being the higher quality option offering more flexibility when the catalogue is pressed flat. Sewn, or thread sewn catalogues are held together by multiple threads as well as adhesive and offer a huge amount of strength and durability. Case binding is the traditional method of binding hardback books and some notebooks. This type of catalogue would have a square spine and form a very solid and long-lasting option.  The choice of what type of binding is often budget based but the intended use of the catalogue, page count and expected life span also play a big role. Our printing experts are happy to talk you through the options and how they might suit your catalogue printing project.

Softback or Hardback Catalogues

When it comes to catalogues the type of cover comes down to 2 things; Budget and Target Audience. Budget is often the overriding factor and choosing a softbound catalogue certainly doesn’t mean you can’t reach a high-end audience; school prospective and catalogues, for example. However, if you are creating something that is squarely aimed at a very high-end market and needs to last a long time then the investment in a hardcover may be important. Our team can help make sure you hit the mark with your catalogue.

Paper-Over-Board or Dust Jacket

Paper-over-board is a hardcover catalogue with an image printed directly on the hard front cover. The best example of this type of printing is the modern cookbook or some magazines where this type of printing is used a lot. Gone are the dust jackets and now the rich images are directly on the board of the book. Dust jackets certainly look great though and so in some cases, they may be the preferred choice.



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