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Magazine Printing UK

From small businesses promoting their services to internal communications, magazines provide an engaging and tactile way to spread your message. We offer an exceptional printing service for magazines that are tailored to you. From glossy or matte paper to varying thicknesses, sizes, lamination or different binding options, we can create a custom magazine printing service to suit your needs, whether it’s a small page count or a larger publication. Our experienced team can work with you to create a fantastic result that will delight your readers. Contact us today for advice or to discuss your options.

Print is not dead!

For some time now people in the media have been talking about the end of newspapers, catalogues and magazines but the truth is the magazine is actually doing very well. Magazine printing makes up a substantial portion of the print work we do which is a testament to this fact. Magazines are still popular, people still enjoy the solid glossy feel of a well-produced publication that can not only be read but displayed on the coffee table for others to enjoy. A magazine can say a lot about a home and the owner, and we think they are great. For companies that choose to use them, they can be a very powerful marketing tool, a great way to entertain readers, and more.

UK Based Magazine Printers

We have years of experience in magazine printing and have supplied publishers and organisations all over the UK with a huge range of magazine types from ultra-high quality coffee table publications to large runs of light and low-cost event magazines, and more.

Magazine Print Quality and Other Considerations

There are a lot of print options when it comes to magazines and we can cater for them all. If you are planning on mailing out your publication then weight may well be a factor; choosing the right paper and pagination will be critical.  Different magazines and publishers need different print run sizes; for a big mailshot you may need very large numbers, but we often work with boutique publishers looking at doing small runs of very high-quality bi-annual coffee table magazines too.

There are many different print options from what paper to use, print method, and additional items like inserts as well as mailing and fulfilment, postage costs, and more. Things like different mailing options can save you £1000’s so we will advise, produce, and mail for you if required.

Our friendly team of UK magazine printers will help you create the perfect publication for your needs. Whether you have an exact brief and simply need a quality UK company to fulfill it or you are looking for help and advice on the best and most cost-effective way to print your magazine we can help. You may wish to make a big impression on readers with ultra-high spec printing or hit massive numbers at a lower cost…whatever your needs we can cater for them.

How Much Does Magazine Printing Cost?

There are a number of different factors involved in the cost of printing your magazine. From paper thickness to finish, from the number of pages to binding and more. We work with your requirements as well as your budget to find the most cost effective way to print your magazine. We may well give you a number of choices to look at with some lower and higher cost options. Our team have been doing this for a long time and we know how to get the best results in terms of the end product, the cost and other factors like delivery time and more.

Some things to consider

  • Standard or bespoke sizes
  • Two wire staples or PUR binding, perhaps a glued spine 8pp?
  • Laminated cover or overall UV varnish
  • 60, 70, 80gsm paper? Mechanical or silk?
  • Quantity will decide which machine it prints on, is it needing the web press or sheetfed? Each print method has its pros & cons, trust us to advise
  • What page count, is it 8 or 80? We can print with throw-out pages for the long pictures
  • Are you needing a polybag or envelope? How about a cover letter or other inserts?
  • We provide a great personal service for all in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey area and of course anywhere in the UK
  • How about a design service? Action Studio can provide
  • If you have any questions or need costs, we’re quick to respond

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