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There’s always a lot going on at Action Press but we sometimes manage to find time to shout about the exciting projects we’ve worked on recently for our clients or to simply note down a few print related thoughts...


Foil blocking

4th July 2019   Trevor Holding

Using foil to make your cards and brochures shine If you’re looking for a way to make your business cards, invitations or brochure stand out, foil could be the answer. We print using ultra thin sheets of metal instead of inks. The result is shiny gold or silver words and logos that are seriously eye-catching. …

Print buying

1st April 2019   Trevor Holding

Do not buy print unless you are 100% clear about this… These are the four things – in order of importance – that you and your print supplier need to be 100% clear about. Your turnaround time Your need for advice Your print spec requirements Your budget and their costs You may be surprised to …

Paper weight US/UK conversion

26th February 2019   Trevor Holding

Paper weight US/UK conversion In the US they sell paper in pounds (lbs), then they have different categories, Bond, Text, Book, Cover, Index and Tag and to really confuse it they show the weight as a measurement of 500 sheets in its untrimmed size. An uncut sheet of Bond paper is 17 x 22 inches, …

Everything You Need to Know About Duplexed Cards

18th January 2019   Trevor Holding

What are duplexed cards? The word “duplex” simply means “having two parts”. Duplexed cards are created by gluing two or more sheets of board together to create high quality, super-thick cards. Simple really! These days everyone has 400gsm matt laminated cards so here is your chance to do something special.   What are the benefits …

Paper Thickness and Weight Explained

29th August 2018   Trevor Holding

Paper Thickness and Weight Explained Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the technical terminology relating to paper thickness and weight? Well, take courage, because you’re not alone – even those of us with many years of print industry experience are still learning new things every day, and when it comes to paper (or …

What are Integrated Labels and Integrated Cards?

25th July 2018   Trevor Holding

What are integrated labels? Integrated labels are sometimes known as ‘integral labels’ or ‘peel-out labels’. The term ‘integrated label’ refers to a paper backing sheet, usually A4 in size, which incorporates a kiss-cut, peel-out self-adhesive label. Integrated label sheets can be litho printed like a standard letterhead, but can also be overprinted using an inkjet …

Fascinating Facts About Paper Sustainability

29th May 2018   Trevor Holding

Reports on environmental damage often focus on the negative impact of our wasteful modern lifestyle on the world around us, whilst choosing to disregard some of the incredibly positive, sustainability success stories out there. The paper production industry is one of these success stories. Over recent decades, and in the face of a multitude of …

Your Essential Guide to Printing Terminology

19th February 2018   Trevor Holding

Do you ever get confused by printing terminology? You’re not alone – the print industry has developed an extensive collection of words and phrases which can seem like a foreign language to anyone who’s unfamiliar with the lingo. So why does this matter? Well, if you’re a graphic designer, marketing manager or anyone involved in …

6 of the Best Ways to Print on Plastic

17th November 2017   Trevor Holding

Plastic is an amazing material with many wonderful properties and varied uses but it can be really tricky to print on. There are thousands of different plastics in existence, each with its own composition and characteristics. Printing onto plastics enables us to create signs, folders, ring binders, luggage tags and millions of other useful items that …

Printed, laminated and textured covers

23rd August 2017   Trevor Holding

How would you like textured covers that are as tough and bespoke as Elephant skin? Have you ever picked up a textured card and stopped to feel the texture? How about the outer cover of your brochure? The cover of a brochure is clearly one of its most important features. After all, it’s the very first thing that the …

Are printed calendars obsolete?

24th July 2017   Trevor Holding

Our busy lives revolve around dates, times and appointments so in this age of digital development it could be easy to assume that traditional printed calendars are a thing of the past. Most of us use a digital calendar of some description on our computer, smartphone or tablet and rely on them (heavily, in my …

What is the difference between uncoated and coated paper?

11th July 2017   Trevor Holding

There’s a huge difference between uncoated and coated paper and it’s important to make the right choices in order to achieve the desired effect with your printed items. The incredible variety of different papers available can seem rather daunting so we’ve explored and explained some key differences below… Different manufacturing methods Paper is made from …

4 tips for creating a high impact business card

5th June 2017   Angus Smith

In the increasingly tough world of business you only get one chance to make a positive first impression on a prospect, so a high impact business card is a key weapon in your sales armoury. Think back on your contacts with suppliers and other business associates. Can you remember the first meeting you had with …

How perceived value can increase your profits

3rd April 2017   Angus Smith

So you’re in business to make money, at least, that’s sure to be one of the main reasons, although your corporate mission statement probably doesn’t word it quite so bluntly! The challenge that many companies face is how balance remaining profitable with ensuring that their products are offered at a price that consumers regard as …

How a great presentation box can win you orders

14th February 2017   Angus Smith

There’s a red hot lead in your sales pipeline and you’re onto it, determined to land the order. The prospect seems really interested in your offering and has requested more information so you arrange for an intro pack containing a brochure and some promotional gifts to be sent to them immediately. You can already see …

5 ways to make your printed items really stand out

23rd January 2017   Angus Smith

Millions of leaflets, flyers, brochures and catalogues are produced and distributed daily, but how many of these printed items are actually opened, read or taken notice of? How many prospective customers barely give most of this costly marketing material a disinterested glance before consigning it to their bin? How can you ensure that your efforts …

What different types of ring binders can you get?

31st October 2016   Angus Smith

Ring binders are a great way to present your information but the different types, styles and materials available are almost endless! Let’s explore some of the most popular options… Mechanisms Firstly, we should mention the most important part of a ring binder – the mechanism (i.e. the metal bit with the rings). Two primary styles …

What’s the best binding method for my brochure?

23rd September 2016   Angus Smith

So you’re planning to produce a printed brochure, book or catalogue…but have you considered the best binding method to use? This final stage of the print finishing process can have a big impact on the success of your publication so let’s explore some of the most popular options. Saddle Stitch A very durable and cost …

Big K, Big Impact

19th July 2016   Angus Smith

Congratulations to our client Kirkland, suppliers of equipment to the fruit growing industry, who have recently rebranded and relocated to larger premises in Maidstone. As Kirkland’s trusted print partner, we were proud to be involved in printing their new style corporate stationery and a striking overview brochure which used matt laminate and spot UV varnish …

Take note

13th July 2016   Angus Smith

Have a quick glance around your desk. It’s very likely that somewhere close at hand you have a note pad, desk pad, jotter pad or scribble pad – just about everyone has a favourite pad of some description! The chances are, your pad is branded in some way which means that every time you scribble …

The power of print

15th June 2016   Action Press

It’s obvious to everyone that we live in a fast moving world. Technology is advancing by the minute, transforming our lives and the way we do business. What we did last year, last month or even just yesterday, may not be good enough for sustained progress today. Change is the new normal. Inevitably, the print …

Never judge a book by its cover

25th May 2016   Action Press

As an established provider of shading and screening solutions, Yewdale are a relatively new client to us but we have already struck up a great relationship and very much enjoyed working together on their recent brochure project. From the outside, this could appear to be a good looking, but otherwise fairly ordinary, perfect bound brochure. …

Deliberately different

1st April 2016   Action Press

We love jobs (and clients) that are out of the ordinary! Borg & Overström tick both these boxes, their revolutionary water machines holding true to the promise of “Beautiful, simple workplace refreshment”. This theme is reflected in the design of their corporate stationery which is beautiful and refreshingly different in its simplicity. Sharp, black litho …

Start, Stop, Keep

27th November 2015   Angus Smith

Monday 23rd November had arrived. The day of our ‘Start, Stop, Keep’ All Team Strategy Meeting at the Porsche Centre, Mid Sussex. The reason for getting our entire team together at this unique event was twofold. Firstly we wanted to thank our amazing staff for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. Secondly, we wanted to analyse …

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